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Gantry Container Gantry Crane

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  • Brand:    Weihua
  • Type:    Gantry Container Gantry Crane
  • Price:    2000000 RMB
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a. One-piece steel plate welded with another makes box-girder gantry crane very stable

b. High wind-resistance, high rigidity and low deflection make it very safe

c. Use winch to lift objects easily

d. Proven, professional technique and good performance make it famous all over the world

e. HUAZHONG use high-quality electronic components which improve the efficiency and safety of the whole machine

f. The classical and traditional style has been widely accepted by all people.


(2)working principle

Girder and outrigger parts constitute subject steel structure of the gantry crane which stands on the ground track by two sides outrigger., realizes longitudinal traverse by travelling mechanism and horizontal movement by trolley mechanism, the lifting and lowering of suspended objects by hoisting winch.

1 It is used for container lifting and moving. 
2 The moving type is along the rail.

3 High speed high efficiency.


Main ParametersSerial No.ItemTechnical Parameter


1* Max Wind Press In  Working Condition 150N/m2
2* Max Wind Press In Non-Working Condition 500N/m2
3* Environment Temperature -10 + 45
4* Max Relative Humidity 90%
Main ParametersSerial No.ItemTechnical Parameter
1* Crane Working Level A7
2* Rated Lifting Weight 36tUnder Hoisting Device
3* Rail Torque 18m
4* Effective Hanging Arm 6.5m Both Sides
5* Lifting Height 10m
6* Max lifting Velocity Full load12m/min,NO Load20m/min
7* Gantry Traveling Velocity Full Load≥55m/min
8* Trolley Traveling Velocity Full Load≥60m/min
9* Trolley Slewing Velocity 1.01.5n/m
10* Trolley Slewing Angle -10°+190°
11* Max Wheel PressIn The Worst Working Condition ≤25t
12* Net Length Between Supporting Legs ≥7.6m
13* Anti-shaking Device Flexible Anti-shaking
14* Hoisting Device 20ft 40ft Fixed Lead Board Liquid-press Flexibility
15* Way To Power Supply 3-Phase 4Line Lead Power Supply:   380v   50Hz
16* Maintenance Hoist

Rated Lifting Capacity2t   Meet Maintenance Required  



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