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Grab Double Beam Overhead Crane

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  • Brand:    Yonggong
  • Type:    Overhead Crane
  • Price:    80000 RMB
  • Promotion:    75000 RMB ( 0 Customers Bought)
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10tonne Grab Double Beam Overhead Crane

One years warranty:

                                       All cost covered by us.

1.Hard-tooth Reducer.
2.Imported high quality wire-rope.
3.Trinity drive.

4.Overload protecting device&alarm(During 90%Capacity-110%Capacity)

5.Dual Protecting System of Obliquely Hanging&hook Clashing the top.

6.Protecting system of current lacking of any phrase.

7.Circuit self-check protector.

8.Intelligent stagnatting Protecting system.

9.Human Safe 12V Voltage of the operating Board&Handle.

10.Smooth&steady traveling;handy and easy to operate.


11.Specaial Situation&High Operating Environment temperature order Accepted.

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