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  The specific content of the military welfare funds
Military welfare fee is beyond the provisions of the military wage, allowance, subsidy, subsidy, given by the country of soldiers and military units to grasp life care expenses, for the collective and individual welfare privilege, is a supplement to military material, cultural life treatment part. Military welfare costs from the army commander in chief organs and leading organs to regulations or rules and forms prescribed, including project, scope, conditions, standards and the methods of payment. The main contents Chinese people's Liberation Army welfare expenses include: the difficulties of life relief, the couple separated subsidies, subsidies for children's education authority, one-child parents incentive fees (child care fee), conservation education subsidies, retired cadres honorary gold, transportation fees, special fees, and specially approved by the special welfare expenses etc.. In welfare spending, some projects are as wages, allowances every month to individuals, take accountable management measures; some projects are according to the standard gauge led to implement contract management, cost overruns not fill; the original subject use balances to the next year, the implementation of the standard management approach. Therefore, tubal good benefits, to solve practical problems, military personnel in the life of the stabilization force, has important significance. Welfare fees standard according to the officers, led, distinguished civilian cadres, sergeant, staff sergeant, in the series, soldiers, students according to the supply system, supply strength with living expenses accounts meter collar. In addition, the headquarters of the total of each big unit according to the personnel standard juice led welfare fee 33% a 50% grant; for in Tibet, Xisha, Nansha and Xinjiang's Frontier Corps troops welfare fees standard is slightly higher than that of other troops led.
Relief funds
Relief according to the head and the standard gauge brought benefits, mainly for the majority of cadres, soldiers, in the staff members and workers living in difficult family assistance and relief, but also can be used for military blood donors or to patients after discharge from hospital care allowance. Relief special fund is special, not diverted. Relief of life difficult, the general should I please or party nomination, the mass appraisal committee, Party branch through the audit, the newspaper group or equivalent of a group of political authority for examination and approval, no individual decision. Spending too large quantity, should be reported to the examination and approval of the party committee. Party branch should be regularly (half a year or 3 months) to understand, study cadre, soldiers, workers living difficulties, there are difficulties, should take the initiative to propose to the superior to give relief or aid. Relief to master the use of principle is much more difficult and less subsidies, subsidies less difficult, often have difficulties often allowance, temporary subsidies temporary difficulties.
The couple separated allowance
The couple separated subsidies is to encourage the army cadre families try not to the army, the general political department and the General Logistics Department decided from 1986 January to meet the conditions of families' dependents and not the army cadres of active preferential treatment, established a couple separation allowance system. Payment conditions: one is to meet the military conditions, the wife is agricultural registered permanent residence, or although the Department of urban households but no fixed wage income below the regiment level cadres; the two is to his wife have the formal work in place, mutatis mutandis, conditions can be transferred to the army troops stationed not to garrison the placement of the regimental commander the following cadre; three is to 'dependents according to the condition of the wife or the army troops stationed after work, cadres transferred to the frontier and island and plateau regions with hard, the family moved to the area with difficult resettlement of cadres. The couple separated allowance standard monthly paychecks. Both husband and wife or husband is a soldier is non military personnel, shall not enjoy the couple separation allowance.
Children's education authority allowance
Children's education authority grants is to solve the army units organized kindergarten, children's school in question to the parents charges, lack of funds allowance. Children's education authority subsidy is divided into two parts, one part is used for the preparation of kindergarten, children in school has staff, temporary workers and to the placement of the staff wages, subsidies to the nature of the cost, this is belongs to individual funds in some. The other part is for the purchase of teaching instruments, toys, office supplies, books, sports equipment, appliances and teacher training costs and expenses, travel expenses to visit relatives, belong to the part of public funds. Nature of wages, subsidies financed by the headquarters of quota according to each big unit organization to the actual number of teachers and staff, through the logistics supply channels to the beginning of each big unit, by the cadre, financial department proposed allocation allocated opinion, step by step, and shall not be withheld. Public funds in part by the headquarters in each big unit cadres and workers in the park, in the number of sub woman grant; each big unit can keep 15% as the motor; the rest in the park, according to school woman number, by the cadre, the financial departments to kindergarten school units or kindergarten, children school, lump sum use.
Conservation education child allowance
Conservation education child allowance is to solve the army cadre children due to special circumstances can not the force problem of kindergarten and in 1990 established in August. Conservation education child subsidies issued to officers and civilian cadres, in the staff members and workers failed to people or not the army kindergarten children under the age of 6. But not to violate the family planning and child.