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metallurgical crane

2014/12/22      view:

冶金起重機英語翻譯:metallurgical crane

The application of bearing with inserted graphite to large metallurgical crane 

The End beams of the bridge in the metallurgy Eot crane,which was made in Spain for 450t 21.4m 10 years ago,showed a lot of cracks. The stress in the End Beams is calculated to eliminate hidden troubles. The dynamic stress and strain on the bridge is tested and analyzed and measures to deal with the problem are proposed.
對投入運行約10年的橋架結構的兩個端梁局部產生了一些肉眼可見的裂紋的西班牙進口的450 t×21.4 m的冶金橋式起重機的,端梁受力狀況進行了計算,并對整體橋架金屬結構在動態運動中的受力進行測試及分析,結合測試分析的結果為該起重機的兩個端梁結構

There are many lifting equipments with thousands of varieties and specifications, such as L series of electric single beam cranes and manual single beam cranes, Q series of electric bridge-style cranes, M series of gate-style cranes, QT series of tower cranes, and H series of electric hoist cranes, which are widely used in the industries of metallurgy, machine, mine, railway, port, oil, chemical industry, construction and so on.